Victoria Powder Coating Ltd is Victoria's first choice when it comes to sandblasting. Our new, large, well equipped blasting room enables us to accept larger items and larger orders. We sand blast automotive parts, rims and frames as well as motorcycle parts and frames. We also blast:

........Bicycle frames ........Steel ........Aluminum
........Gates ........Patio Furniture ........Iron Works

Sandblasting is a method of removing very fine bits of material such as mill scale and old paint using sand at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface. We prepare your item for blasting by if nesessary, taping off and protecting areas that should not be blasted. We use only quality blasting media.

  • Our Facility

    A large well equipped media blasting room.

    Our new blasting room enables us to handle large, difficult to handle items.

  • Our Services

    We specialize in sand blasting

    Aluminum, steel, automotive frames, motorcycle frames as well as bicycle frames.

  • Our Guarantee

    Media blasting is done professionally and with due care and attention.

    With more than 16 years of sandblasting experience, we do the job right and we do it quickly.