Powder Coating

Powder coating is a different method of painting. The paint starts out as a liquid but is formulated and processed differently. It is then mixed, extruded and baked, What is left is then ground into a powder with the consistency of talcum powder. The paint is comprised of pigments or dyes, binder and fillers suspended in solvent. With liquid paints you have to wait for the solvent to evaporate for the paint to “dry”, usually taking anywhere from minutes to days. With powder coating, the powder uses heat as a catalyst to cure the powder, usually 200 degrees C (390 degrees F), as all the solvents have already been baked out of the paint.

  • Extrusions

    Extrusions come in all shapes and sizes. Our large facilty and 24 ft oven mean we can accomadate large pieces and orders easily. Example

  • Fencing and Gates

    We powder coating all kinds of fencing and barriers as well as gates. Both steel and aluminum. We also coat ornamental railings and gates.Example

  • Automotive

    Victoria Powder Coating Ltd coats miscellaneous car parts, wheel rims as well as automotive frames. Example

  • Motorcycles

    We regularily powder coat motorcycle frames and rims, as well as their parts. We also coat go-kart frames and mini - bikes.Example

  • Bicycles

    We've been breathing new life back into old bicycle frames for years. Bring in your frame for a new paint job and a new look.Example

  • Aluminum

    We coat all kinds of aluminum including extrusions and railings as well as flat panels and heating duct. We also coat cast aluminum items.Example