Powder Coating

We offer comprehensive powder coating services for a wide range of applications, including industrial components, automotive parts, frames, extrusions, bicycles, fencing, and more. With over 100 in-stock colors and access to thousands more, we can cater to various design preferences. Additionally, our spacious oven measuring 9 feet high by 8 feet wide by 24 feet long allows us to handle large items and orders with ease.


Sandblasting ensures the complete removal of rust, previous paint coatings, and mill scale that would otherwise prevent a durable bond to the coated surface. Our room measures 20 feet long by 9 feet wide by 8 feet high with the ability to extend it to 24 feet long.

We sandblast automotive parts, rims and frames as well as motorcycle parts and frames. We also blast: Bicycle Frames, Steel, Gates, Aluminum, Patio Furniture, Iron works & more!



Extrusions come in all shapes and sizes. Our large facility and 24 ft oven mean we can accommodate large pieces and orders easily.


We regularly powder coat motorcycle frames and rims, as well as their parts. We also coat go-kart frames and mini – bikes.

Fences & Gates

We powder coat all kinds of fencing and barriers as well as gates. Both steel and aluminium. We also coat ornamental railings and gates.


We coat aluminium including extrusions and railings as well as flat panels and heating ducts. We also coat cast aluminium items, although they may outgas due to the air trapped in the casting, which may leave pinholes in the coating.


Victoria Powder Coating Ltd coats miscellaneous car parts, wheel rims as well as automotive frames.


We’ve been breathing new life back into old bicycle frames for years. Bring in your frame for a new paint job and a new look.

Burn-Off Oven

We use this oven to “cook off” existing coatings, this can only be used on steel parts.

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