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Victoria Powder Coating Ltd is Victoria’s first choice when it comes to Powder Coating and Sandblasting. Our experience and knowledge mean we are readily available to accept large quantity orders and one of a kind specialty jobs that our competitors cannot. Industrial components, parts, automotive, frames, extrusions and bicycles, fencing and more. We cover it all.


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Powder coating is a different method of painting.
Liquid paint is composed of pigments or dyes, resin and fillers suspended in solvent. With liquid paints you have to wait for the solvent to evaporate or “dry”, usually taking anywhere from minutes to days.

With powder coating, the powder, which has the consistency of talcum powder, is applied electrostatically and uses heat as a catalyst to cure the powder, usually 190 degrees C (390 degrees F).

Sandblasting, or high velocity media blasting is a method of removing mill scale and old paint and rust to clean and etch the coating surface. We prepare your item for blasting by, if necessary, taping off and protecting areas that should not be blasted. We use only quality blasting media.

There are a few factors to take into consideration. Interior products can last for many years as they are not subject to harsh weather and sunlight. Outside products, while they can last many years, if powder coated correctly, can still be vulnerable to various elements, especially if close to salt water.

Other concerns can be from the product itself, fabricated items, especially steel and aluminium products, are not always fully sealed during manufacturing. This can make it more difficult to ensure the product is fully covered by protective coatings. Under ideal circumstances, powder coating can last many decades.

Generally a good rule of thumb is to ensure the item is fully disassembled; No bearings/races, bushings, no plastic, rubber, and/or anything that cannot handle the curing process (190° Celcius/390° Ferenheit). As well, removing any grease, oil, or other substances would be appreciated.

When bringing in an item to be powder coated we will be happy to provide more specific instructions.
We use heat resistant tape and plugs to protect threads and machined surfaces so masking beforehand is not required.

We would appreciate it if you clean any excessive grease or oil prior to bringing in your parts.

When caring for your powder coated product we recommend washing it with mild soap and water, and ensure you do not use anything abrasive. No chemicals or solvents should not be used.
Car wax is safe to use.

VPC’s oven is 24’L x 8’W x 9’H Sandblasting booth is approximately the same


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